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"A long journey starts with the first step." - Cambodian proverb

Country Background

Cambodia has recently emerged from a tragic past, now defining itself as a strong and independent nation. During the 1970s, one-fifth of the country's population was killed by the murderous Khmer Rouge regime; the educated and professional classes were particularly targeted. Following the fall of he Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia was restored as a multi-party democracy in 1993.

With the political stability of the last decade, development has flourished. Infrastructure has progressed particularly with regard to communications: mobile phone and internet service is widespread. Agriculture is still the most important sector in the Cambodian economy, but the garments, construction and tourism sectors also play important roles. The country's economy is growing rapidly; over the last ten years, Cambodia's rate of GDP growth is among the top 10 growing economies in the world.

Cambodia is a member of the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The country is also a member of ASEAN and joined the WTO in 2004. Cambodia's population is nearly 15 million people.

DDD in Cambodia

DDD opened its first office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2001. Two years later, a second Cambodian office in Battambang followed. Today, DDD employs more than 400 staff in Cambodia.

DDD in Cambodia recruits motivated, skilled high school graduates from the country's rural provinces as operations staff. Prior to starting their traineeship with DDD, these youth complete a six-month training program with the French NGO "Centre for Information Systems Training" (CIST), where they are taught computer skills. The DDD management staff are graduates of some of the best colleges in the country, including Royal University of Phnom Penh and Build Bright University.

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"Different parents at home, same parents in the forest."
- Cambodian Proverb
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