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Boeing and Digital Divide Data Launch Partnership in Cambodia

As part of an initiative to make lasting positive changes, Boeing has committed $50,000 to support computer and IT training.

Posted on 10.01.20 at 3:50 AM by Digital Divide Data

The Boeing Company has partnered with Digital Divide Data (DDD), an international non-governmental organization operating in Cambodia and Laos, to provide education, skills training and technology-related job opportunities to young people in Southeast Asia. A reception is scheduled to formally announce the partnership. Leaders from both organizations, including Boeing Southeast Asia President Skip Boyce and DDD’s CEO and co-founder Jeremy Hockenstein, as well as other distinguished guests from the Cambodian and international community will be in attendance.

As part of an initiative to make lasting positive changes, Boeing has committed $50,000 through its Global Corporate Citizenship program to support computer and IT training, educational scholarships and computer resources for DDD programs in Cambodia. DDD’s mission is to bridge the digital divide that separates young people in the third world from opportunity by providing access to the global marketplace that creates valuable jobs, and endowing young people with the training and education needed to take advantage of these opportunities.

DDD provides a unique development model to achieve this mission. DDD recruits solely poverty-stricken individuals from demonstrated disadvantaged backgrounds, including the disabled, orphans, rural migrants and vulnerable women.  After completing a six-months training program, individuals are hired by DDD as operators where they receive healthcare, life skills development, personal effectiveness training and career counseling.  Operators work only half time and are required to go to school for the other part of the day and DDD provides scholarships to subsidize their educational costs. The development model concludes with an outplacement program in which operators graduate from DDD by securing higher level jobs in their communities. On average, DDD graduates earn three to four times the national income level.

With Boeing’s support, DDD plans to increase its social impact this year by offering support and opportunities to 50 individuals in Phnom Penh and Battambang. DDD currently employs over 600 young people in Asia and have helped over 360 individuals graduate to stable well paying jobs.

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  1. Tami Blake says:

    Congratulations on this partnership! DDD does excellent work.

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