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Business and institutions face a rapidly changing array of data management challenges. DDD delivers data solutions with impact.

    DDD powers the data services needs of businesses and institutions world-wide. We deliver digital services that ensure the integrity of your data, help you analyze it, unlock and extend the value of your databases, documents, publications and archives--and make them accessible and searchable online, even on mobile devices. Focus on your core business while DDD manages and maintains the data that fuels it.

    With DDD’s unique Impact Sourcing model, our staff is incredibly dedicated to meeting your requirements. Based on employee retention far exceeding industry norms, the same teams stay with your work for the long haul. And because DDD invests in and manages its own operations, you can rest assured that we are able to maintain the quality and security of your data.

    DDD’s Impact Sourcing model empowers young women and men in emerging economies to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Through a work-study program, DDD builds the skill sets of our highly motivated staff which helps them establish promising professional careers in the global economy. Today we employ more than 1000 staff--and have already assisted more than 500 of our team in Southeast Asia and Africa to graduate from universities, permanently increasing their incomes and enhancing their career opportunities.

    For more than a decade, DDD has served clients with an unswerving commitment to quality, value and innovation. We deliver everything you’d expect from a traditional BPO—while our Impact Sourcing model provides a socially responsible supply chain that enhances your brand.

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