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eBook Conversion

Your customers are asking for your published content in new formats such as eBook for Kindle, eBook for iPhone and eBook for Nook. How do you respond to the demand for eBooks and keep up with new platforms and changing standards?

Digital Divide Data (DDD) is an innovative social enterprise that delivers high-quality content business process outsourcing services. We can convert from paper or any common digital publishing format into any major eBook standard. Starting with physical books we do the document scanning—or we can use your electronic files. We use a combination of software and people to get the highest quality conversion. With our process, complex layout elements like tables and non-standard characters are correctly converted into eBook formats.

We have been converting content into digital formats for a decade – we’ve successfully completed thousands of projects and converted millions of pages. Teams of 100 or more Data Management Operators from one of our four offices can be quickly deployed to ensure rapid turnaround, with the most experienced team selected for your project.

Input Can be Digital or Paper

We convert your publishing material accurately from any source, including any common digital publishing file formats. If a digital version does not yet exist, we can do high fidelity scanning from hardcover or soft-cover editions. Your book can be in:

  • XML
  • Pagemaker
  • Word/RTF
  • SGML
  • PDF
  • InDesign
  • HTML
  • FrameMaker
  • Hard copy

Complete and Accurate Conversion (including complex layout elements)

Our process uses a combination of software and people to ensure an extremely high quality conversion of your content. We will provide all of the components necessary so the eBook is easily navigable and displays beautifully on the device. We accurately convert even complex layout elements to the appropriate XML tags, including:

  • Stylesheet
  • Illustrations
  • Appropriate Metadata
  • Footnotes
  • Links to audio and
    video files
  • Chapters
  • Sections
  • Special Characters
  • Hyperlinked Table Of Contents

We deliver your content back to you quickly, accurately and affordably as an:

  • eBook for Apple iPad™
  • eBook for Nook™
  • eBook for Android™
  • eBook for eReader
  • eBook for Amazon Kindle™
  • eBook for Apple iPhone™
  • eBook for Mobipocket© reader
  • eBook for SONY® eBook Reader
  • EPUB, EPUB2 or EPUB3 formatted file

  • Create a new or additional revenue stream
  • Get your content to market quickly, accurately and affordably
  • Expert advice at every step of the eBook conversion process
Problems Solved
  • Limited resources for eBook conversion
  • Rich content converted into beautifully displayed formats
  • Lack of expertise in the myriad of eBook formats or conversion processes
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